How to Find and Hire the Best Engineers

Finding new staff is often seen as something of a chore.  It can be a real bind when a valuable member of the team moves on.  Exciting though it may be to expand and need more engineers, the

14 of the Most Creative Elevator Designs in the World

An elevator is a truly outstanding invention that takes us up and down a multi-storeyed building with just a press of a button. It is indeed one of the best applications of the Newton’s First Law of

The Tiny Gadget That Can Diagnose Skin Cancer: Meet Michael Takla of The sKan, Winner of the James Dyson Award 2017

A team of bright medical and bioengineering undergraduates from McCaster University recently won the 2017 international James Dyson Award for their revolutionary design solution, the sKan, a

3 Ways to Boost Your Engineering Job Search for 2018

3 ways to boost your engineering job search for 2018Regardless of what stage in your engineering career you are at, graduate level or climbing through the ranks, you will inevitably have to look for

UK Budget 2017: What It Means For Engineers

How Will the 2017 Budget Impact Engineering? With the last budget under the leadership of Teresa May being dogged with u-turn claims, this Autumn offering was long awaited, and for many, it was

5 Things to Know About Engineering Jobs in the Medical Field

If you’re an engineer or will be soon, the medical field may not be on your radar — but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. The medical sector is enormous, and you’ll be able to get some unusual

Expanded Enabling Innovation showcase returns to promise even more start-up success stories.

Expanded Enabling Innovation showcase returns to promise even more start-up success stories. Advanced Engineering 2017 today (17 Aug 2017) announced that its Enabling Innovation showcase has

What is the Future for Steel?

According to Forbes magazine, in the United States alone, consumers use approximately 120 million tons of steel per year. This includes all types of manufacturing from large equipment to eating

The World's Most Amazing Engineering Feats: Part 4

The Bailong elevator is a huge glass outdoor elevator built onto the side of a cliff face in Wulingyuan in China, is travels vertically up to 1070 ft up from the base of the cliff

The Best Ways to Show Experience on Your Engineering CV

A CV/resume is designed to introduce you to potential employers, and to market your skills, experience, and strengths. While a small number of individuals have landed a job on the strength of their