Finding new staff is often seen as something of a chore.  It can be a real bind when a valuable member of the team moves on.  Exciting though it may be to expand and need more engineers, the recruitment process can still take the edge off.  It can often seem like the right people are nowhere to be seen, and the applications that come in seem lacking in sparkle. So how can you find and hire the best engineers? We have put together some top tips that can really help your recruitment process.


It Starts with Your Advert


Finding a job when you are currently unemployed or not happy in your present role can be quite soul destroying and you can risk missing solid candidates because of advert apathy.  You need to sell your company to them.  Now, before you start shouting that you are the ones looking for the talent, not the other way round, get out of the history book and into the modern world.  Why are the best engineers going to want to apply for a job with a company that sounds boring, dated and frankly just going through the motions?  Reality check - they are not. However, if your position sounds exciting, offering plenty of scope for growth and creativity people are more likely to apply.  Why would you want to be a jobsworth when you could apply to a company that invests and values its staff so much that the job advert screams this fact before they even get near the building?  So, get the perfect advert out there if you want to attract the perfect person.


Don’t Get Too Hung up on Qualifications


While there is no disputing that your new engineer will need to have a certain level of knowledge and skills, qualifications can often not be the entire story.  Make sure you are not overlooking a potential match just because you are focused on finding a dream candidate with a certain level of degree or desperately hope to see a specific university named on their education history.  Skills and personality are often entirely overlooked in favour of the letters after the name.  If you have been dumping CVs as soon as the qualifications fail to tick the box, then stop now.  Read every application right through and vow not to make this the only reason to move someone to the rejected pile.  What other skills are they listing?  Practical experience carries a whole wealth of weight.  These can be the hidden goldmine of talent you have been looking for, but they are repeatedly overlooked because of their qualifications.  If needs be rethink your selection process from this first stage.


History Does Not Always Repeat


Loosely translated as keep an open mind.  Fred is leaving, and you are replacing Fred - but not with Fred, right? Everyone has their own unique skillset and personality so be sure you are not just trying to find and replace the employee that left.  Judge each person on their own merit. Don’t be swayed by where they worked before or someone you know that used to work at a company on their resume.  Let them shine for who they are, not who you expect them to be.


Find a Fit


Your team have to be just that.  It is essential that they all work well together and job-based disputes are kept to a minimum.  While this does not make up the most significant part of your selection process, it does mean that you may not want to award the role based on experience alone.  People are just like sponges and someone with a willingness to learn and gain experience could be the perfect fit in terms of personality.  If you feel that a candidate is not going to gel with your team but feel pressure to hire them because they are the best on paper - think again.  We spend a lot of time with our colleagues, so this is an essential part of selecting a team. If needs be, involve other team members in selection exercises so you can see how this new person interacts with your existing staff.   


Consider Candidate Matching


Candidate matching is a specialised industry and offers a real helping hand to companies needing staff.  topEngineer is a leading expert in the field and boasts a massive database of skilled engineers keen to find new opportunities and growth avenues.  This database is comprised of both internal and external candidate data, with a total of over 5 million engineers' CVs. The myriad of information collected from candidates means that candidate matching services, particularly topEngineer, are well-placed to match your role to a pool of top candidates.  This offers not only a real time saving but also confidence that you are selecting the best engineers from the candidates presented.


Cost Effective Candidate Sourcing


Recruitment can be an extraordinarily pricey process, particularly within engineering and the technical industries. Companies that rely heavily on recruitment agencies can save a lot of money by using a combined service which offers both job advertisement (job board model) and resourcing capabilities (similar to a recruitment agency). topEngineer is the first UK company to offer this within engineering and it is this unique approach that has enabled us to help our clients hire over 500 engineers in the past year. topEngineer will also put your job in front of engineers who wouldn’t visit a job board, through our vast partnership network of specialist engineering websites.

topEngineer has a reach of over 5 million engineers and can essentially access all engineers who have their details online and our resourcing team will target only the most relevant ones.

On average, our clients save £6,000 per hire when comparing topEngineer’s fees with agency commission. Just take a look at what our clients are saying about us here.

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