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topEngineer's founders, Eric, Keith and Graham Potts, are pioneers in the digital recruitment space, having launched Jobsite in 1995. Over the past 22 years they have built, acquired and run many industry leading brands such as Broadbean, Jobrapido, Just Engineers, NHS Jobs, Oil Careers and many more. Due to this experience and expertise, they are well placed to identify trends, opportunities and flaws in this industry.


Join Keith Potts in his webinar on Friday 28th March, at 3pm-3:30pm (UK time), where he will reveal The Truth About Job Boards and How Recruiters Can Drastically Improve Their Candidate Sourcing ROIs. He'll show you some surprising Job Board secrets which are leading to the excessive loss of £millions for recruiters. Keith will be joined by Felix Wetzel, the infamous digital recruitment marketing blogger, Advisor and Director of many leading recruitment brands. The webinar will help you to understand how you can leverage alternative platforms to improve your candidate sourcing ROIs. If you are interested in joining the webinar, please register here.


Is the traditional Job Board model broken?

Jobsite's founders believe that it is.

Did you know: 5 of the UK's top Job Boards get between 76%-90% of their referral traffic from Indeed!

This means that Job Boards are fishing in the same pool of candidates, resulting in a huge amount of duplicate CVs being delivered by the top generalist job boards.

Furthermore, Job Boards send a huge quantity of applications, most of which are low quality. A report by the Aberdeen group found that:

Less than 10% of Job Board applicants match the qualifications from the job description

...and on top of this:

59% of recruiters said that they don't have the "manpower or time" to sift through all of the submissions that they receive from Job Boards.

To further support this, in a survey by Broadbean Technology, recruiters listed "irrelevant response" as the single biggest issue they face in their jobs.

We have also calculated that an estimated £442Million of recruiters' time is wasted each year across the UK recruitment industry as a whole.

Job Boards also struggle to access passive candidate streams as they rely heavily on incoming jobseeker traffic. Most of their referral traffic is also from aggregators and only active candidates tend to use employment websites. Only 23% of the employed workforce fall into this 'Active' category - meaning that recruiters are often missing out on getting their vacancies in front of the remaining 77% of the population.

Active candidates vs passive

This is not to say that Job Boards have become irrelevant, but they need to accept that the traditional model is flawed and find ways to innovate in order to stay ahead or overtake the competition.


Why is all of this a problem for recruiters?

  • - You will receive duplicate CVs
  • - You will waste a lot of time sifting through irrelevant CVs
  • - You will waste budget purchasing the same candidates from multiple Job Boards
  • - You are not getting your vacancies in front of the valuable passive candidates. Active candidates are great, but many of your competitors will also be communicating with them.


How Does topEngineer Solve These Problems For Recruiters?

1. We are a network

You might be thinking..."but isn't topEngineer a Job Board?"

No, we are not a Job Board, or an aggregator. We are a specialist network of over 125 different engineering channels. It is with this carefully crafted partnership network that we help recruiters within engineering solve those problems listed above. Our channels include untapped watering holes of engineers, for example:

  • - Engineering Publications; such as MEM (Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine)
  • - Engineering Institutes; such as the IMECHE
  • - Engineering Forums; such as Eng-Tips
  • - Aggregators; such as Trovit - but we exclusively do not use Indeed, due to the over reliance of Job Boards on this stream of candidates

Through these exclusive partnerships, we ensure that you are receiving unique candidates which are different to the generalist Job Boards, meaning that there should be no duplicate CVs.

2. Reach both passive and active engineering candidates

Our website provides a gateway to these channels, putting your vacancies in front of both active and passive engineers, with a total reach of 5 million engineers. On top of this exremely wide net, topEngineer's website itself is the number 1 targeted engineering community also attracting not only the active jobseekers but also passive engineers, who visit our specialist site so that they can: read the lastest industry news, expand on their skill-sets through training courses, network with similar engineers at industry events and join the disucssion through our blog. The active jobseekers are particularly attracted to the huge number of vacancies listed on our site - over 40,000 live engineering roles are posted each month!The topEngineer Community3. Irrelevant response is illiminated through our targeted campaigns

The extent of our partnership network allows us to collect and computationally analyse large data sets about candidates':

  • - Demographics
  • - Online Behaviour
  • - Interests

This guides us to where the candidates who are relevant to the requirements of your role are 'hanging out' online so that we can ensure that they are exposed to your vacancy. This is how we set up are highly targeted campaigns, which drastically reduce irrelevant applications, provide passive engineers and ensure that your vacancy is seen by a huge proportion of the "right men for the job".


If you are looking for a unique stream of engineers to fill your roles, get in touch today. We'd love to hear from you:















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