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Aviation Maintenance

Efficient aircraft maintenance is critical for ensuring aircraft/aircraft parts function optimally, while facilitating the safety of all those on board an aircraft. Repair work places and maintenance personnel conduct maintenance/inspection work on aircrafts. In the US, the Federal Aviation Administration certifies the repair work places and aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs). Repair work bases are certified as per FAR Part 145. AMTs are certified as per FAR Part 65. FAR part 43 provides the specifications pertaining to maintenance, preventive maintenance and aircraft/aircraft system modifications.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is responsible for the certification of repair work places across the EU and other member states. AMTs manage distinct domains of aircraft on the basis of the certification/rating. The various aircraft ratings include:


Airframe (the aircraft body, such as the tail, fuselage, wings, and landing gear), power plant (engines and propellers), and avionics (electrical systems and instruments). Several AMTs possess two air frame and power plant FAA certification. They are known as A&P mechanics.


Aircraft Maintenance


Maintaining aircraft is a detailed, continuous process. The complete aircraft must be assessed, maintained, while replacing the relevant parts to ensure operations, compliance with safety standards prescribed by the FAA. Aircraft maintenance operations take place after a specific duration of the calendar time/flight duration. Again, several aircraft articles have a life span. They will have to be replaced upon reaching the maximum utilization needs. Other than aircraft articles, the parts must be inspected for faults/non performance.


The responsibilities of being an AMT can be demanding. Some of the regular maintenance activities:


  • Cleaning aircraft materials.
  • Using corrosion prevention substances.
  • Lubricating components.
  • Trouble shooting fuel systems.
  • Inspecting and revamping hydraulic/pneumatic systems.
  • Replacing factors.


A new segment of aircraft maintenance is functioning in avionics - electronic systems. The parts are critical for navigation and communications - radar, instruments, computer systems, radio communications, and global position systems (GPS). Exceptional knowledge of wiring and technical skills is mandatory for executing responsibilities in avionics maintenance.



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