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Maintenance Management – BSE

Building services personnel deliver the environmental scenario to ensure business processes perform optimally. The requirements pertaining to the maintenance of engineering services would differ from one client to another, but the main concern would be to ensure efficient usage of the premises. The engineering plant and equipment utilized in buildings deliver several benefits - environmental scenarios (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) to ensure dwellers are comfortable. The services once installed in a building would need proper maintenance to ensure they function optimally.

Maintenance management consists of not only the management of functions related to distinct equipment's, but can be classified as “technical” and “control”.


The technical aspects include the following:


 -The type of plant to be maintained.


 -Resolve issues. 


 -Evaluate documents. 


 -Implement procedures to manage the contingencies. 


 -Ensure the selected techniques accomplish the relevant outcomes.


The control feature emphasizes on delivering the relevant technical service at less operating cost. It includes labour/spares/equipment management.


  • Efficient maintenance management reduces the costs related to the non-existence of engineering service. Again, maintenance is critical to ensure the engineering services are available on a need basis. Maintenance is the key to make sure the services maintain the assets value.


    Maintenance of engineering plant/services in buildings has been performed in several methods:


    Buildings not having complicated engineering services (small retail outlets), the building management may look at services installations like domestic premises. Regular maintenance could be performed in line with statutory needs, while plant/equipment could be omitted till it breaks down.

    Another option is to negotiate contracts with maintenance contractors for a distinct property. For instance, a service and maintenance agreement with a utility company supplying gas-fired equipment.

    Finally, another option would be to use the services of maintenance personnel directly for inspecting/maintaining engineering services.


    Maintenance can be classified as unplanned and planned.


    Unplanned maintenance means an unstructured approach, while activities are performed based on response to circumstances. It indicates that the building management doesn’t take ownership for the non performance of engineering services. It is a technique that is not recommended.


    Planned maintenance is well organized and can be categorized as the following:


    Preventive Maintenance


    It is conducted at specific periods to decrease the possibility of failure.


    Corrective Maintenance


    It is done after a fault has been identified to facilitate efficient plant operations.


    Immediate Maintenance


    It is required due to unexpected shutdowns.


    Scheduled Maintenance


    It is preventive maintenance conducted at predetermined periods.


    Opportunity Maintenance


    It is maintenance activity performed on a need basis as per operational requirements.


    Design-out Maintenance


    The maintenance requirements are ‘designed-out’ to accomplish the necessary level of efficiency.




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