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The Most Thriving Engineering Fields & How To Get Into Them

Working at the creative forefront of all industries in one way or another; the engineering professionals of the world are more responsible than any other field, it could well be argued, for the progression of humanities understanding and interaction with the laws of the universe.

 Across all areas of human endeavour, engineering plays a part in furthering our ability and in turn our capability. Creating the technologies at the cutting edge of modern medicine, as well as information and of course mechanics, engineers are in as high demand now as they have ever been.

The basic role of any engineer is to develop new ways of enhancing the lives of human beings in one way or another. This has been the case for centuries – even millennia. From the construction of ancient aqueducts via the boundless transport capabilities brought about by the industrial revolution of the 19th century, right through to the technological revolution we’re currently in the midst of, it could be said that engineering has done very little but enhance the human experience.

In order to identify a suitable inroad to the industry, it is necessary first of all to hone in on the area of engineering which stimulates the most interest. Whilst it may not be crucial to make a definite decision going in, any hopeful can expect to be required to further down the road.

Given the high demand engineering professionals are in at all times, vocational engineering training is still available in some areas of the field. However for the most part, considering the intense training regimens required to work at the industry’s top level, higher education marks the start post on many prospective engineers’ journey. As such, that’s what we’ll concentrate on for now.



Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering has been a central focus of the wider industry since its introduction during the industrial revolution. With the first steam engines came the stark yet exciting realisation: maybe we’re onto something here?

The term ‘mechanics’ itself may drum up images of boiler suits and battered old Ford Cortina’s, though the modern field encompasses everything from remote power generation to robotics and fluid mechanics.

UK Universities offering premium programmes include Newcastle, Glasgow, London South Bank and Sheffield – with recent graduates going on to bag jobs for the likes of General Electric, BMW, Google and Sony.



Aeronautics and Astronautics

About as high profile as engineering gets, this is the area that many dream of working in. Merging the disciplines of interstellar research with plain old rocket science, the aeronautic and astronautic engineering fields encompass not only the development of new and exciting ways of transporting our fleshy frames at light speed, but how best to deal with the economic, environmental and legal implications of doing so.

The UK’s best schools for this focus area are currently reported to be Hertfordshire, Liverpool, Queen Mary Southampton and Swansea. Recent graduates have gone on to take up roles at Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and BAE Systems to name but a few.




Overlapping medicine with engineering is the dynamic field of Bioengineering. Responsible for the creation of such marvels as MRI scanning technology, artificial limb and joint development and Pacemakers (to give you just a rough idea of scope), this area is said to be one of the most rewarding of all. It’s not exactly difficult to determine why this may be, as all breakthroughs made in this field are likely to help people. In turn, this is what makes the field one of the most popular, and indeed competitive!

Destinations for a top-rate degree in Bioengineering include Cardiff, Kings College (London), Imperial College (London) and Aston.


These are but a few of the engineering fields currently thriving. For individuals who are interested in getting into the profession, there really is nothing more worthwhile you can at this juncture than conducting your own research. Though it may be vast and complicated, it’s certainly one of the most secure, worthwhile and fun professions going.


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