North Wales-Based Firm Boasts World’s Youngest Engineering Fellows

North Wales-Based Firm Boasts World’s Youngest Engineering Fellows

A North-Wales based Mechanical Engineer, Jack Otter, has become one of the youngest fellows in the world after being elected as a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers at just 30 years of age.

A feat which is normally only achieved by engineers in the their forties, if at all, and requires applicants to demonstrate a senior role with significant autonomy and responsibility in engineering has been achieved by the 30-year-old through a commitment to his profession and a deep understanding of his specialist area in marine pyrotechnics.

Jack’s career started fresh from school with an industry year in the aerospace sector, before being awarded a place on the MEng course at Edinburgh University. Following graduation, he was offered a job running a newly awarded MOD contract at Denis Ferranti Group. Jack developed a passion and specialism in marine pyrotechnics and rapidly gained greater responsibility in the firm. By 27 years of age, Jack was elected as a Chartered Engineer and was a leading expert in the field of marine pyrotechnics, designing, developing and building subsurface signaling flares and air to sea flares. This achievement was recognised by the firm with a senior role running the defence sector of Denis Ferranti Group, which has grown under Jack’s management.

Jack is a passionate advocate for engineering and is a member of the Industrial Liaison Board at the University of Edinburgh, helping the university ensure that students are industry-ready on graduation. Jack’s commitment to young engineers has seen him offer industry placements to many of students, personally mentoring them through the process, and taking on several graduate engineers.

Jack said:

“I am thrilled to have been recognised as meeting the criteria for the Fellowship in an industry I am so passionate about. I am absolutely determined to continue encouraging young people into the field and engaging with universities to provide training which links with today’s industry needs, and I believe my new status as Fellow will allow me to better achieve these aims.

“I am also looking forward to further developing Denis Ferranti Group as market leaders w…. something about taking the business forward in submarine pyrotechnics”

James Ferranti, General Manager of the Denis Ferranti Group said:

“We are exceptionally proud of Jack and what he has achieved. To be elected as a Fellow at such a young age shows Jack’s talent, hard work and commitment. As a firm we are passionate about advancing graduate learning and offering development opportunities for talented young engineers like Jack.”

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