Successful Project Management





Develop your practical skills to lead successful projects



Course Overview

The aim of this two day course is to bring out the factors that make the difference between success and failure. It provides key concepts to enable project managers and others to understand the full breadth of project management and offers practical tools to help the successful delivery of projects.

The scope of the programme includes:

       - Stakeholders and their various needs

       - Identifying what is important in a project

       - Preparation as the key to success

       - Dealing with the uncertainties in projects

       - Keeping a project on track

Training objectives

The principal training objectives for this programme are to:

       - Show how stakeholders are the most important aspect of any project

       - Define a project's scope and how to deliver it

       - Demonstrate the techniques that help a project deliver what is needed on time and budget

       - Provide a set of tools

       - Build confidence in project managers and stakeholders

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for anyone who has delivered a project and would like to develop their skills; those new to project management, and those who want to understand projects better and what it is that project managers do.

Course format

This is a practical two-day course involving exercises, case studies, formal presentations and tutor-facilitated discussions.

Course topics

 Day One

1 Introduction

  • Overview of the programme
  • review of participants’ needs and objectives
    2 Stakeholder Management
  • Who counts as a stakeholder
  • Which stakeholders matter
  • How to manage stakeholders and their expectations

3 Communication

  • The importance of good communication in projects
  • Communication plans
  • Barriers to communication

4 Project Sponsorship

  • The role of the sponsor
  • Why sponsors are helpful
  • Managing your sponsor

5 Success and Benefits

  • What do we mean by success
  • Success criteria and success factors
  • Identifying and measuring benefits

6 Business Case

  • Justifying a project
  • Monitoring and maintaining the business case

7 Scope

  • Defining a project's scope
  • Product Breakdown and Work Breakdown Structures

8 Change Control

  • Why changes occur
  • The impact of change
  • How to control change

9 Quality

  • Understanding Good Enough
  • Delivering the right qualities

10 Requirements and Acceptance Criteria

  • Where do requirements come from?
  • How to satisfy requirements

Day Two

11 Project Organisation

  • Spreading the load
  • Roles and responsibilities

12 Project Lifecycle

  • The whole project
  • The product lifecycle

13 Development Approach

  • Sequential vs. Iterative

 14 Scheduling

  •  An overview of the scheduling process
  •  Critical Path
  •  How to create a reliable schedule

15 Risk Management

  •  Dealing with uncertainty
  •  Threats and opportunities
  •  A risk management process

16 Estimating and Budgeting

  •  The estimating funnel
  •  Some estimating methods
  •  Creating a budget
  •  Tracking against the budget

17 Resource Management

  •  Identifying resources
  •  Managing resource demand

18 Monitoring and Control

  •  Tracking and reporting
  •  Corrective action

19 Issue Management

  •  The difference between risks and issues
  •  How to manage issues

20 Course review and action planning

  •  Identify actions to be implemented individually
  •  What actions should be implemented to improve working with non-technical    people?
  •  Conclusion

Course dates and registration

Venue Dates Status  
London 25-26 November 2015 SPMKLO Register online Book by 25 September for early bird rate


Members £849.00 + VAT (£169.80) Total £1018.80
Non-members £949.00 +VAT (189.80) Total £1138.80

Early booking discount (two months in advance)

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